Body Corporate services

Strata title (bodies corporate) management has very specific responsibilities and obligations under the Unit Titles Act 2010 which means there is a lot more regulatory compliance on the Body Corporate.

BuildProjects Body Corporate services are designed to assist the body corporate committee in making informed and cost effective decisions in their property management and property maintenance requirements. In this regard we provide:

  • Oversight and arrangement of reliable & cost effective tradespeople. BuildProjects tendering and retention software has enabled the access to thousands of tradespeople.
  • Clear & timely communication for committee and annual general meetings
  • Pro-active management of warranty & guarantee issues
  • Property guidance for your professional advisors including your body corporate manager, accountant, insurance broker, and solicitor

BuildProjects provides a service in preparing & maintaining the long term maintenance plan for the body corporate. What BuildProjects provides in preparation of the long term maintenance plan are:

  • Onsite assessment by a registered quantity surveyor which ensures the comprehensive inclusion of cost risk factors
  • Online software which provides access to the body corporate treasurer, body corporate manager, and other nominate persons
  • Review of the plan by our in house accountant

BuildProjects also provides Quantity Surveying services which assists in major works including new build construction, leaky building re-work, and other major projects.

Phone our Sales Manager, Mark on mb 0274 776 002 if should require assistance with property management, long term maintenance plans, or if you are looking a unit title construction or reinstatement. Alternatively email