Our Story

“It always felt like (to me) that the construction industry was poorly serviced in the technology sector. We had clients who were turning over tens of millions of dollars, effectively on Excel spreadsheets; it’s madness. But, when we went to market to find better solutions, nothing really existed - and, in the interim, fast-growing construction companies were floundering under the increased admin.”

Nathan Dunn, founder of BuildProjects

Director Nathan Dunn founded BuildProjects with a vision - to transform how New Zealand construction companies manage construction contracts.

BuildProjects is absolutely revolutionary; it’s the first time a software package has incorporated the Client, Main Contractor, and Subcontractor into the same ecosystem - each with their own view of the project, but through BuildProjects can share data electronically without the need for added admin overhead.

BuildProjects is designed to be affordable - no more paying thousands in upfront fees to consultants with large implementation and training.

BuildProjects is designed to be simple. You are not a computer expert and don’t need to be to use our product. Simple wizard set-ups and clear videos will help you through the process.

BuildProjects is for every player in construction. We have built our software to help the entire ecosystem to succeed, and that includes the 45,000+ subcontractors in the market today.