Build Projects - Features
   Manage retentions online.

   Quickly print or email PDF payment claims.
Stop using Excel to manage your retentions!

Retentions are easy with BuildProjects

Very few software packages on the market do retentions correctly and to the industry standard. Retentions for subcontractors and main contractors can become very tricky over time, and if not carefully managed, can quickly become a mess.

Most small-to-medium construction companies keep track of retentions manually in Excel files, which is cumbersome, prone to errors, and provides no visibility.

BuildProjects is:
  Compliant with the Construction Contracts Amendment Act 2015 (CCAA).
  Supportive to Subcontractors, Main Contractors, and Clients.
  Transparent - shows all monies held in retention on our dashboard page.
  A Safety Net - emails reminders to put in a payment claim for all retentions.
  Cooperative - produces audit reports of money held in trust (CCAA 2015 requirement).